EPDM Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roof Repair

A Modern Roofing System

EPDM Rubber Roofing is a great modern roofing system for flat and low pitched roofs. The rubber roof membrane is durable, reliable and eco-friendly and is becoming increasingly popular.

Safer to Install Than Traditional Flat Roofs

Unlike other flat roof products, EPDM is laid with cold adhesives instead of a gas blow torch normally used on flat roofs. This means it is a safer product to install at your property.

Improved Roof Insulation

The rubber roof also provides excellent insulation to your property in both summer and winter, and is weather resistant in extreme weather. This flexible roof product also allows for building movement.

Long Lasting Roofing System

The one piece EPDM membrance is seamless, which will also benefit your property. Because the surface is smooth, rubber roof products do not support moss or algae growth. This means your flat roof will last even longer.

Can I Walk On My Rubber Roof?

You can walk occasionally on your EPDM roof. However if you are going to walk on it frequently, we suggest installation of walking pads or some form of appropriate decking.

Can My Rubber Roof Be Repaired?

Yes it can. When laid correctly, it is unlikely you will need a rubber roof repair. We are sometimes asked to make a repair after a rubber roof has been incorrectly installed. If you need a rubber roof repair please do get in touch for a free quote.

What Colour Are Rubber Roofs?

Rubber roofs are dark slate in colour which blends naturally into most buildings. We can apply an acrylic coating if you would like an alternative colour. Please talk to us about that.

Is An EPDM Rubber Roof Eco-Friendly?

The EPDM rubber roof product is made from recycled products – usually recycled tires. The roofs also have an expected life-time of 50 years. This is an eco-friendly roofing system that is suitable for the environmentally aware.

High Quality Rubber Roof Products

There are a number of EPDM rubber roofing products available. We always use the top quality brands and offer a 20 year guarantee.

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