Roof Repair

All roofs need repair at some time.

Here are some of the roofing repair jobs we have completed:

Chimney Pot Repair

Chimney Pot Falls Down Flue

Chimney pot falls down flue is quite a headline, but this is exactly what happened to our client in Oswestry. Our client has a large chimney, and over time, the top of the chimney has become rotten. The result of this damage was that the chimney pot eventually fell downwards into the chimney flue. Straightforward Chimney Repair Our first step is to safely remove all the old failing materials including the bricks around the top of the chimney and the…

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New Roof Looks Traditional

New Roof Looks Traditional

Do you want a new roof that still looks traditional? Roofing in the areas around Wrexham, Cheshire, Oswestry and Shropshire, we find that one of the concerns of many of our customers is to keep their property looking traditional. New Roof At Traditional Property Near Oswestry The whole of this roof needed replacing. That included insulation, timbers, barge boards, soffits, fascias, felt, battens and gutters. Even the chimney and chimney pot needed looking at and new lead installing. However, many…

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New Bungalow Roof

New Bungalow Roof, Oswestry

Do you need a new bungalow roof? A completely new roof was required for this bungalow in Oswestry. Scaffolding Installed At The Bungalow You may wonder why scaffolding is a requirement for a roof at single storey. In fact, a fall from a relatively small height can cause serious injury to a worker. When installing a completely new roof we move a lot of materials around and spend a lot of time on the roof. Therefore, to work on a…

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Porch Roof Wrexham

Porch Roof Wrexham

This porch roof in Wrexham was beyond repair, therefore a total replacement was required. As you can see, this is a very beautiful Victorian House in an affluent area and the porch is positioned above the front door. This means that the new porch roof has to be to a very high standard. Old Porch Roof Removed Firstly, we removed the old disintegrating porch roof so that we could make a fresh start. The roof had a small outlet which…

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Soffits Fascias and Gutterings

New Soffits, Fascias & Guttering

Soffits, fascias and guttering are not only an important functional part of your roof. They are also an important part of your property’s appearance. Soffits, fascias, guttering and bargeboards are all part of your roof known as your roofline. Have you pulled onto your drive or sat in your garden and looked at your property’s roofline and decided it needs some attention? Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing can help with this. Roofline Work, Oswestry We were asked to commence work on…

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Garage Roof Cladding

Garage Roof Cladding Replaced

Garage roof cladding is often one of the most noticeable parts of your property. As it is usually just eight to ten feet from the ground, visitors and passersby are able to see it clearly. The majority of household garages contain items which require dry storage. Therefore it is important to keep the garage wind and watertight. Additionally, as with all property maintenance, it is always important to nip any problems in the bud. This is because small problems can…

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New Farmhouse Roof

Farmhouse Roof, Corwen

A farmhouse roof has its own style which consists of a high pitch and many valleys. Additionally, the rooms in most farmhouses have high ceilings and sometimes three storeys. This means the roof is not easy to access with only ladders. This farmhouse in Corwen is no different and consists of traditional brick and slate construction. Scaffolding Essential We always use scaffolding for a new roof; this large farmhouse was no exception. This is so we have safe and easy…

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Dormer Window Repair Oswestry

Dormer Window Repair

A dormer window repair is not unusual. Due to the nature of the dormer, leaks can sometimes happen, especially down along the cheeks. The cheeks are the side walls of the dormer. This was the situation at a dormer window in Oswestry. Change of Materials For The Dormer Window The cheeks and top of the window were sealed with sand and cement during construction. Over time sand and cement naturally deteriorate which at times results in water ingress. Lead is…

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A Roof We Wouldn't Repair

A Roof We Wouldn’t Repair

Did you know that recently we were asked to quote for a roof we wouldn’t repair?!! Why Wouldn’t We Repair A Roof? Very occasionally we won’t do work on a roof. This is only in the case that we think it is in the customer’s best interests. We have a strict policy of only undertaking work we know we can guarantee and that will solve your roofing problems. It is important to us that our customers always get value for…

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Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing

Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing installs new roofs and repair roofs including flat roofs for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Guttering, roof-line maintenance, tiling and chimney repairs form part of our complete roofing service. Our flat roofs carry a 20 year guarantee.

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