Roof Repair

All roofs need repair at some time.

Here are some of the roofing repair jobs we have completed:

Replacement Soffits and Fascia

Replacement Soffits and Fascia, Wrexham

Give Your Property a Facelift We replaced the soffits and fascia on this property in Wrexham. It already was a beautiful property. We just helped it on its way. Replacement soffits and fascia make your property more attractive to visitors, your neighbours and, if you are thinking of selling, potential purchasers. Poor weather and time take their toll on this part of your property. Soffits and fascia are there to stop water ingress where the roof meets the walls. Keeping…

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NHS Roof Repair

Roof Repair at NHS Trust Owned Property

We were delighted to be asked by the local NHS Trust to repair roofs on buildings they own. These former nurses’ residences needed to be renovated. NHS funding is valuable and we appreciate the need to provide a service that is both professional and value for money. Scaffolding was installed at the properties. All slates removed and those that can be reused were stored safely. We then re-batoned the whole roof, re-felted and replaced slates, saving money for our client…

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Slate Roof Valley Repair, Oswestry

Slate Roof Valley Repair

Repair The Valley, Not The Whole Roof Our customer was worried about water ingress in this slate valley. The lead was old and some tiles were beginning to break and move. A complete new roof was not needed in this instance. Replace, Re-Use and Recycle We removed the tiles around the existing lead flashing. Next, we replaced the old lead flashing with new. Finally, we reinstalled the existing slate tiles where possible and used reclaimed slate roof tiles where needed.…

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Rubber Roof Repair: Wrexham

Rubber Roof Repair Our customer had a leak in their rubber roof. There was also a problem with the fascia and gutter. We repaired the rubber roof, installed new fascia and gutter and replaced the clips holding the gutter in place. Safe Roof Installation No flames are required to install or repair a rubber roof making this a safe roofing system than traditional felt roofing. 25 Year Guarantee Our customer was delighted with the finished roof. They were also delighted…

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Insert window roof repair Llangollen

Insert Window Roof Repair : Llangollen

This insert window needed attention as part of a complete re-roof on Abbey Road, Llangollen. In this instance we needed to replace old with new. A window repair like this can be awkward and needs to be done correctly to ensure water drains away properly. The original board had become rotten and there was risk of water beginning to leak into the property. Repair Work Undertaken A new board was fitted. After that new lead was fitted around the insert…

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Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing

Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing installs new roofs and repair roofs including flat roofs for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Guttering, roof-line maintenance, tiling and chimney repairs form part of our complete roofing service. Our flat roofs carry a 20 year guarantee.

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