A farmhouse roof has its own style which consists of a high pitch and many valleys. Additionally, the rooms in most farmhouses have high ceilings and sometimes three storeys. This means the roof is not easy to access with only ladders.

This farmhouse in Corwen is no different and consists of traditional brick and slate construction.

Scaffolding Essential

We always use scaffolding for a new roof; this large farmhouse was no exception. This is so we have safe and easy access to all aspects of the roof.

Farmhouse Roof Deterioration

During our initial inspection of the roof, we found that the slates and ridge tiles had come to the end of their usable life. We also noticed the timber verges were rotten and in need of replacement.

Complete Farmhouse Roof Replacement

This roof now has new felt and battens. It is reslated with Spanish slates, which match the style of the property and new ridge tiles are also installed.

In the pictures, you can see work on the roof valley to make this watertight.

Professional Roofers

Our professional roofers are always courteous and aware of the occupants of the property. They take care to act in a safe and responsible manner so that you have peace of mind. Their work is to a high standard and you can see other examples of this in our completed work section.

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