A dormer window repair is not unusual. Due to the nature of the dormer, leaks can sometimes happen, especially down along the cheeks. The cheeks are the side walls of the dormer. This was the situation at a dormer window in Oswestry.

Change of Materials For The Dormer Window

The cheeks and top of the window were sealed with sand and cement during construction. Over time sand and cement naturally deteriorate which at times results in water ingress.

Lead is a much more durable material and therefore more suitable for a dormer window.

Scaffolding Installed

Dormers are typically difficult to reach in order to effect a repair. Therefore we arrange for scaffolding installation. This ensures the safety of our workers and our customers. Prompt removal is also a priority for us.

Dormer Window Repair Successful

Our clients are very happy with the successful dormer window repair. As you can see from the picture, the repair is very tidy and in keeping with the property. It is not unusual for nearby residents to ask for similar services after they have seen our work.

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