This porch roof in Wrexham was beyond repair, therefore a total replacement was required. As you can see, this is a very beautiful Victorian House in an affluent area and the porch is positioned above the front door. This means that the new porch roof has to be to a very high standard.

Old Porch Roof Removed

Firstly, we removed the old disintegrating porch roof so that we could make a fresh start. The roof had a small outlet which was constantly getting blocked by leaves and other debris. This in turn resulted in water ponding causing damage to the roof.

Complete Rebuild

The next step is to install new timberwork which will provide a strong flat base.

After this, we install new felt and following that, new leadwork. At this point, we create a new lead outlet to improve the drainage of rainwater. This is wider than the previous leadwork so that debris can more easily leave the roof.

New Porch Roof

As you can see, the porch roof is now at a very high standard and also in keeping with the beautiful old Victorian building to which it belongs.

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