Chimney pot falls down flue is quite a headline, but this is exactly what happened to our client in Oswestry.

Our client has a large chimney, and over time, the top of the chimney has become rotten. The result of this damage was that the chimney pot eventually fell downwards into the chimney flue.

Before Chimney Pot Repair
Before repair. The old pot had fallen into the chimney

Straightforward Chimney Repair

Our first step is to safely remove all the old failing materials including the bricks around the top of the chimney and the now damaged flue. We took everything off.

Next, we re-fixed the brickwork around the top of the chimney using quality mortar. The bricks were all in good condition so they did not need to be replaced. This means a saving for our client.

Although the bricks are reusable, the flue needs a complete replacement. We also added a new cowl instead of a pot and re-concreted the top of the chimney stack.

As you can see from the ‘after’ images, the chimney looks brand new and will withstand poor weather for many years to come.

Are You Concerned About Your Chimney Pot?

Your chimney is one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof, therefore it does need repair from time to time. If you have concerns, do get in touch with us, either through email, phone or via our Facebook page. We are always happy to advise whether your property needs repair and provide a competitive price for quality work.

You can see more chimney pot repair images in our Completed Work section and extra photos on our Chimney Repair Page.

Where We Work

We are based in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry, and we work throughout the Oswestry area, working northwards to Wrexham and south to Shrewsbury. We also travel as far as Welshpool or Chester to undertake large jobs.