Have you ever wondered, “Can you re-roof in the winter?” Unfortunately, roofs don’t wait for good weather to let in rain. In fact, it is during the winter months that any fault in your roof will become more obvious. Here in the UK, storms will always find the weak points in your roof.

Bungalow Re-roof In Oswestry

We have recently replaced the roof at this bungalow in Oswestry. Sometimes a roof can be repaired. At other times you will need to replace the whole roof.

Scaffolding was erected to provide a secure working base. We were then able to remove the existing tiles, felt, and battons without our client having to remove property out of their attic.

Any open parts of the roof will be covered with tarpaulin whilst we are not working. This is regardless of the weather.

We undertake many roofing projects in the rain or drizzle, however, when undertaking a re-roof will always look to the weather forecast first. Our team then works quickly to remove old materials and replace with new.

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