Barge board replacement is tricky on traditional properties. We were asked to undertake a decorative barge board repair, at an older Victorian property in Gobowen, that had become worn over time. As you can see it has an unusual decoration which is important to preserve. There is also a decorative finial at the apex of the roof.

Rotten Barge Boards

The barge boards were rotten, therefore our first job was to remove all of these. The finial, unsurprisingly, had also been subject to the elements and needed removal and replacement.

Reconstruction of Barge Boards and Finial

Our next job was to recreate a replacement barge board with the same decorative details as the original. You can see the wooden barge board, in the picture prior to painting. A commissioned replica finial is now in place at the apex of the gable end which really enhances the appearance of the property.

Barge Boards and Finial Painted

The painted barged boards and finial look exactly like the original. The house still has its original roof features and therefore really stands out. Our clients are very happy with the updated appearance of their property.

Do you have a Property with an Unusual Barge Board Design?

We live in a rural area that has many older and traditional properties. This means that barge board replacement on beautiful properties must be undertaken with care. Contact us if your barge board is worn and in need of repair.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace A Barge Board?

Understandably, the price for each property varies. In all cases, we need to arrange for scaffolding. The extent of detail on your barge board will also affect the price. So call or email us now for your free quote.

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