Chimney flashing repair is at the point where the chimney meets the roof tiles. This area is often a weakness in your roof that can allow water ingress. Sometimes you do not need a whole new roof because a repair to the flashing at the base of your chimney will keep your roof watertight for years to come.

Install Scaffolding

Our first step is to install scaffolding. This is so that the chimney can be accessed safely and also ensures the safety of the residents at the property.

Remove All Leadwork

Our next step is to remove all existing leadwork. We then clean the area ready for installation of new materials.

New Leadwork and Aprons

Flashing is two elements. Those are step flashing which you can see at the side of the chimney. The second element is the apron. This is at the front and back of the chimney at covers the gap between the chimney and the tiles as the tiles drop away from the chimney.

Chimney Repair

If necessary we repoint between the bricks in the chimney in order to preserve the life of the chimney. Look at another example of chimney and flashing repair on our completed work so that you can see other work that we have completed.

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Many areas of the home can be repaired by the residents themselves, however, due to the very location of the roof it is better to call in a professional. We always install scaffolding so that you have peace of mind.

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