Chimney Refurbishment Essential

As the storms of winter near, a chimney refurbishment may be an essential for your property. A loose chimney pot, under strain from the wind, can damage your roof, your car, your conservatory, or worse still, a person.

The owners of this property in Hengoed near Oswestry asked us to refurbish their chimney. The village of Hengoed is based in open countryside where winds can whisk across the fields causing damaging to loose mortar, concrete, or terracotta.

Scaffolding To Chimney Stack

The chimney in question was situated close to the party wall of the next-door neighbour. As you can see we erected scaffolding only where it was required with minimum disruption to either our customer or the adjacent household.

Scaffolding To Chimney

Cost-Effective Chimney Refurbishment

The mortar had deteriorated on the chimney stack so we re-pointed this. We also added new leadwork around the base of the chimney to prevent water ingress.

Chimney Pointing

The chimney pots did not need to be renewed, therefore we concreted them in place to make them secure for years to come. This resulted in a cost saving to our client, making the whole job more affordable.

To give you peace of mind, we are here to ensure your property is wind and watertight at the best price. We do renew where necessary, however, where there are more years of life left in existing materials we do our best to recycle.

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The pictures shown on this page show the whole property including the scaffolding set-up. You can see close-ups of similar work which we have done for local clients; look under our tags for chimney repair.

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