Chimney Repair, Oswestry, Shropshire

This old chimney had deteriorated over the years. With the mortar and brickwork crumbling the chimney was becoming unsafe. The weatherworn pots were beginning to crack.

Before Chimney Repair

We were able to repair the stack and pot using materials very close to the original. Our expert roofers removed all old and crumbling brickwork and pots. It is important to make sure that all completed work looks in harmony with the property we are repairing.

Chimney Repair With Scaffolding

Professional Repair

They rebuilt the chimney in its original style and replaced the pots to an excellent standard. Our client is very pleased with the completed job. As you can see, the completed repair is an aesthetic addition to the property.

We arranged the use of scaffolding in order to comply with all Health and Safety Standards. We arranged for the scaffolding to be removed as soon as the job was completed so that the client was not inconvenienced any more than was necessary.

Why not call us if your chimney looks unsafe? Because we have over 35 years’ experience in all types of roof repair we are able to provide a good assessment of the repair needed. All our work is carried out to a high standard and we always use the latest techniques and materials appropriate to your property. Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing Specialists work on both modern and traditional properties in the Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Wrexham areas, so whatever your property style we are able to help.

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