Complete Pitched Roof Renovation

Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing Specialists were asked to provide a complete pitched roof renovation on this traditional property where there were a number of problems.

Following an inspection, the roof had to be completely stripped back and any rotten woodwork replaced.

Pitched Roof Repair Oswestry


The roof was finished with slate tiling and freshly painted fascias,

Pitched Roof Repair and New Fascias

giving this traditional property a beautiful finish.

Pitched Roof Renovation

As you can see we arranged for scaffolding to be used at this property. Because health and safety is always a priority for us, we undertake a risk assessment to decide what safety equipment is required. The scaffolding was removed promptly after completion of the roof work.

Materials used were in keeping with the appearance of the property and suitable for the building type. The house maintained its appearance of a traditional country property.

Do You Need A Pitched Roof Renovation?

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