A dangerous chimney stack is one of the most worrying of the problems you have on your roof. One of the many frustrating things is that it can be hard to see from the ground. If you are concerned about a dangerous chimney stack it is important to get it seen by a professional as soon as possible.

In this property, the chimney was beginning to lean into the roof. Therefore our client needed an urgent repair.

Dangerous Chimney Stack Removed

In order to ensure safety for all, scaffolding was installed at the property. The old chimneys were both completely stripped back so that we could work from a good base. Next, we rebuilt the chimney stacks and supplied and fitted new chimney pots.

The job was finished with new concrete florching to hold each pot securely in place.

A Relieved Customer

It is always a matter of concern when there is something wrong with our roof and in particular our chimney. The roof is not an easy place to access and you can’t just remove a few bricks and some broken mortar to see what is going on. Our relieved customer is very happy with the work done and therefore will rest easier in strong winds and storms.

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