Helping You Save Money On Roof Maintenance

Leaves and other debris collecting on your roof is always a cause of concern. Over time plants can gain a foothold pushing their roots into your property. At the very least, a blockage of leaves can result in poor drainage and water ingress.

Our customers at a local business had a similar problem in the valley between their steel profile sheet roofing. Leaves were collecting. This blocked drainage and caused internal gullies to overflow into the property.

To fix this problem we installed a net across the gully. Any leaves collecting on the roof are now more likely to dry and blow away. Rainwater will fall into the drain and be directed away from the property through the proper channels.

Happy Customer

Our customer is very happy with the work done. They will need less maintenance visits from us which will save them money.

Helping Local Businesses and Other Customers

Many of our customers are local businesses with tight budgets. No-one has an unlimited pot to spend on property maintenance. We always aim to provide the most cost-effective, long term solution to your roofing needs.

If you need help with water ingress, a troublesome valley roof or roof on a business property, call us today on 07813 016472 or 01691 777321 and we will provide a free quote.