Emergency Chimney Removal, Ellesmere – Stops Damage, Saves Money and Potentially Lives.

Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing were called out to an emergency chimney removal in Ellesmere this winter.

Time had taken its toll on the mortar in this tall chimney and it was in serious danger of collapse. A chimney in such a situation can easily topple causing damage to the roof upon which it falls. It could even seriously maim or even kill a person who stood close by.

Additionally, this chimney is close to two different pitched roofs and a flat roof and not that far from a conservatory. Repairing damage to all these roofs would indeed be costly. Therefore we took urgent action to stop any damage

Correct Equipment Used

Scaffolding takes a little while to order and install. Thankfully, due to the emergency nature of this job, the situation of this chimney makes the use of a cherry picker suitable.

Carefully, we dismantled the chimney and sealed it, thus making it wind and watertight.

Customers Happy With Chimney Removal

Our customers are very happy with the job that we did and the speed at which we were able to remove the chimney. They are able to relax during future storms, knowing that their roof is safe

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