Industrial Roof Maintenance Makes A Difference

The roof of this industrial building had become covered with leaves, debris, and general dirt over the years. Debris like this causes a roof leak because water is unable to drain away naturally. A constantly wet roof results in deterioration to linings and seals.

We removed all leaves from the steel profile roof which had fallen from adjacent trees. We also cleaned sky-lights and gutters.

Clean Sky-lights Reduce Costs

Cleaning an Industrial Roof
A roof light half-cleaned

Sky-lights are inserted in the corrugated roof on this industrial building to provide natural light. There was a loss of natural light inside because of dirt on the roof. This, in turn leads to increased energy costs.

By cleaning the sky-lights more natural light enters the industrial unit through the roof. This provides a safer and brighter working environment.

Gutter Maintenance Prevents Leaks

Before and After Industrial Gutter Maintenance

A long gutter full of leaves and debris causes a roof leak.

We cleaned the gutter of all the debris. Once dry, we relined the gutter and resealed joints.

Happy Customer!

I am just writing to say how pleased we are with the above work which you carried out for us in Ruabon- we have now a couple of big storms since you finished, so can vouch for the quality of the work as well as the appearance.

The main works were carried out on time and to budget,  and you also managed to resolve a couple of irritating leaks that we had previously tried and failed to get properly sorted. We are just kicking ourselves for waiting until the end of our lease to have the work done – had we realised how much of an improvement was possible, we would have done it a good few years back!

Regular Industrial Roof Maintenance

Regular industrial roof maintenance results in a lower overall cost. We are experienced in steel profile roof maintenance so why not call or email for your free quote.

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