A commonly asked question is “Is access needed to my attic to repair my roof?”

This is clearly a concern for many property owners. Your attic might have a lot in it or it may be a tiny space. You may have tenants or workers who would be disturbed by someone requiring access to an attic space.

We were asked to repair the roof of this outbuilding. However, as you can see the internal attic was boarded out, therefore access could be obtained from within the property.

Initially we cleared the roof of the existing tiles and batons, whilst working round an adjacent overlapping roof.

No internal access required during roof repair.

Once the old materials had been moved we cleaned the area ready for the replacement fittings and tiles.

The roof was re-batoned, re-felted and re-tiled. All without access to the inside of the property.

Pitched Roof Repair Wem

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