Make a Good Impression

The outside of your property will make a major impression on customers and clients visiting you.

Dynacast in Welshpool understand this which is why they instruct us to provide roof maintenance at their property.

Moss Removal and General Roof Maintenance

It is important to remove moss and debris from your roof on a regular basis. This prolongs the life of your roof and results in easier water run-off. This in turns means you are less likely to have small leaks and water ingress.

We also replaced broken slates and missing ridge tiles extending the life of this roof.

Notice the difference as we clean the roof

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are built to collect water, but they also collect a lot of debris. Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps the water free-flowing into the drains instead of your building. We used a Sky Jack to gain proper access to the gutters on this property. You can see the difference, once we have cleaned them.

Before and After Gutter Cleaning
Before and after Gutter Cleaning

Correct Equipment is Used to Meet Health and Safety Standards

We always use the correct safety equipment when maintaining your property. This means your business continues to comply with current Health and Safety law.

Scissor Lift on roofing project
Sometimes a Scissor Lift or Sky Jack is required
Scaffolding on Roofing Project
We always use scaffolding when needed.

Your Professional Image Is Maintained

We understand that you want to maintain a professional image at all times so we make that our priority. Our clients return to us over and over again because they have the reassurance that we are a reliable roofing contractor.

If you need maintenance on your professional property, why not give us a call on 01691 777321 of 07813 016472 or email