This roof valley repair, Llangollen was undertaken on a traditional Bed and Breakfast property. These beautiful properties need restoration and repair from time to time. Roof valleys take a lot of wear over the years as they drain the roof of water. Sometimes a complete new roof is not required, because a repair of the roof valley will prevent water ingress for years to come.

A Roof Valley in A Poor State of Repair

In the roof valley of this B & B, the old leadwork had deteriorated and gone, and the batons and felt were also rotten. The slates were in good condition.

Damaged roof valley

Remove Old Materials

After installing scaffolding, the first job was to remove old materials. We stripped the roof back until we got to a sound part of the roof. We put all slates removed during this procedure safely to one side to be used later so that the job would remain good value for the customer.

Replace Old Materials With New

As you can see from the pictures, we then added a layer of felt. Next the battons. After that, another layer of felt followed by a new layer of lead. Finally, we replaced the slate tiles. We cut into the slate tiles to provide a nice tidy edge to the valley. this will aid water runoff and keep this property dry for years to come.

New Materials

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Do you have an old traditional property with one or more valleys in the roof? They can be a source of water ingress to your property causing internal damp problems. Why not contact us to arrange repair? You may not need a whole new roof.

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Previous Roof Valley Work

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