A roof verge repair is an excellent way of preserving the life of your roof. We were asked by property owners in Llanrhaeadr to repair the verge of their roof.

Roof Verge Inspection

Upon inspecting the roof we discovered that the verge timbers were rotten. Further investigation showed that the felt was also rotten and the undercloak was broken.

Verge Repair

To repair the verge all slates were removed. Next, old rotten batons, rotten felt, and broken undercloak were also removed. Everything was stripped back until up to the sound part of the roof.

New Materials Replace Old

Old felt was replaced with new. We also replaced the old batons with new ones. We next installed new undercloak. It was important to replace all the previously broken timbers.

What is Undercloak?

The undercloak overhangs the gable wall underneath the overhanging batons and tiles. It is quite a thin material, approximately 6mm and therefore helps provide a seal at the gable end of your building. Next we pointed in between to finish.

Good Slates Re-used

As usual, where possible we re-used the existing slates. By doing this we can save our clients’ money and our work is also more environmentally friendly.

Happy Customers

Our customers are very happy with the work done. This is because the appearance of their property is much improved and the life of their roof has been lengthened.

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