Chimney Repair, Aplex

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair, Oswestry, Shropshire This old chimney had deteriorated over the years. With the mortar and brickwork crumbling the chimney was becoming unsafe. The weatherworn pots were beginning to crack. We were able to repair the stack and pot using materials very close to the original. Our expert roofers removed all old and crumbling brickwork and pots. It is important to make sure that all completed work looks in harmony with the property we are repairing. Professional Repair They rebuilt…

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Fire Damage Repair

Fire Damage Repair, Oswestry and Wrexham We were called to a client who needed fire damage repair. The damage looked pretty bad, however, there was no need for a whole new roof.   First, we salvaged as many slates as possible. Next, we replaced all damaged woodwork including batons and beams. We then replaced the slates. If possible we used ones that we had salvaged. We selected new slates that matched the existing roof. We made the client’s roof look…

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Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing

Oswestry and Wrexham Roofing installs new roofs and repair roofs including flat roofs for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Guttering, roof-line maintenance, tiling and chimney repairs form part of our complete roofing service. Our flat roofs carry a 20 year guarantee.

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